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In Japan families can summon their house ghost to kill pests for them.

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When my friend was in fourth grade her teacher asked for an example of irony, and she answered “Harry Potter searching for the final horcrux, but he is the final horcrux” and her teacher started screaming and said “I DIDN’T FINISH THE BOOK OH MY GOD!”

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Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Milk is not natural.

Angryfuckingvegan comes the conclusion that cows are not real and milk does not actually exist

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Glee Season Six…

Wow, well those Glee spoilers sound REALLY terrible, I’m a little shocked right now…

I think the only thing I liked the sound of was Blaine coaching the Warblers. Otherwise, and though I have always defended the positive sides of this show, this truly does honestly sound massively terrible from a writing perspective as well as a fan’s.

Glee has always meant a great deal to me, particularly between seasons one and two, and I did enjoy aspects of seasons three and four. I missed a great deal of the fifth season due to the poor writing choices, and I was glad that the sixth season would be the ending—-not because I dislike Glee, but because it deserves to go out on a high, rather than experiencing this sharp decline in writing quality.

The characters of Glee have always, always mattered. There will never really be a time when I stop caring about characters like Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, Santana… There’s a lot of heart and potential in this show that unfortunately continues to be twisted and damaged by poor writing choices, dropped plot lines and continuity issues. My disappointment isn’t even in regard shipping—-it’s about the random changing of minds within the production team, where they’ve carelessly thrown away the Broadway story lines that people spent over a season investing in, or the Klaine engagement which we’ve already been through enough drama with.

So while I’ll continue to follow Glee for its last season—-just reading what happens to the characters I still feel attached to, and I’m sure there will be SOME things I enjoy—-I’m 90% sure I won’t watch it, and I hope the writers know that they’ve really screwed over the fans with this stuff.


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People that get more credit than they deserve:

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I just want to reblog this eVERYDAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE


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Haha, this is going to sound weird and I may just be totally out of it or something, but what is your URL a reference too? I just can't think right now..... Love your blog, btw!

Hey there! Oh no, you’re not being out of it at all!

"Losers like us that’s who," was a line in A Very Potter Senior Year, and I’m in love with that series and with Team Starkid!
It’s when Harry asks, “Who would care about a loser like me?” and Ron replies:

I thought it basically encompassed both my borderline religious obsession with Harry Potter and its fandom, as well as just in general being a fan of something—-we can all stick together and there’s a sense of awesomeness and love that is why I love fandom so much, especially the Harry Potter fandom. :-)

Thanks so much! Honestly that makes my day, that is so awesome, thank you! :-D

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was this movie real

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Darren speaking of that video.  (x)

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